Secretary Message

The Department of Elementary & Secondary Education AJ&K is taking continuous measures to achieve the targets of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which include restructuring of the department in line with the National Education Policy, enhancement of the qualification criteria for academic staff at all levels, purely merit based recruitment of teaching staff through NTS and AJK-PSC, performance based promotion and incentives awards, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of teachers and educational managers, provision of scholarships for deserving students, participation of parents and community through School Management Committees (SMC,s), and involvement of Private Sector in better management of educational institutions through Public-Private Partnership Initiatives. For this purpose, targets have been set for educational managers and institutions regarding enrollment, retention, results and carrying out of curricular and co-curricular activates in measureable terms. A uniform Academic Calendar and Scheme of Studies have also been introduced. Moreover, monitoring and assessment procedure of educational institutions has been revisited and an effective quantitative and qualitative assessment system has been adopted so that ranking of educational institutions can be make on uniform standards throughout the state. A separate education management cadre is being established for effective monitoring and supervision of educational Institutions. Last, but not least, information technology based Education Management Information System (EMIS) and Biometric Attendance System are being established so that effective monitoring and result based planning and management of education sector at all levels can be ensured.

All above mentioned measures may not yield the desired result unless the educational managers, institutional heads and their teaching and non-teaching staff take it as a challenge and re-establish the shaken confidence of the masses on Public Sector Educational Institutions by working hard day and night in missionary spirit.

This Website is also a step forward in the same direction. I appreciate my ICT Team who worked hard in preparation and launching of this Website. I hope it will be helpful in achieving the targets and goals set for education sector.