Minister Message

No nation in this world can succeed in attaining the cherished goal of socio-economic develpment without an efficient, qualified, enlightened and enthusiastic young gneration. Education is, indeed, an engine for Socio-Economic Development. The Govt. of Azad Jammu & Kashmir is committed to achieve this goal through imparting value based quality educaiton in our young generation.

For this purpose, the Govt. has taken many steps to bring about the merit and transperency at all levels i.e. merit based recruitment through third party evaluation (NTS and PSC), qualification/ performance based promotions, transfers and postings; enhancement of qualification and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of Teachers, restructuring of the department into three cadres i.e., Teaching Cadre, Administrative Cadre and Training Cadre in line with the Education Policy; construction of school buildings, provision of furnitures, science and computer labs and many steps toward structureal improvements of AJ&K; is determined to leave no stone unturned in this regard.

As Elementary & Secondary Education is the largest department comprising almost 42% of total employees of the AJ&K; Govt. and having educational institutions located at every nook and corner of the state. Result oriented planning, purposeful decision making, flow of information and taking appropriate meausers is not possible without the help of Information Technology.
Preparation and launching of this Website is a step forward the same direction which is result of commitment and professinal expertise of IT Team of the Department. I appreciate the commendable work of IT Team and I hope this will be useful for educational managers, teachers, students and public at large.